Sleepify is a miraculous tool for parents to help put their babies to sleep. It is a helping aid that helps babies become less stressed, sleep in tranquility.


Sleepify uses soothing sounds to help your baby calm, relax and slowly sink into a deep sleep.

Babies are not used to silence. They love white noise. They have spent 9 months in the quite loud womb. Sleepify creates a calm environment by replicating the loud rhythmic tones of the womb that allow a baby to reflect naturally. There are more than 40 soothing sounds and relaxing lullabies for you to choose from.

All sounds Sleepify contains are hand-picked, carefully selected for your babies.

★ Accessing hand-picked, exclusive lullabies for your baby
★ Help calm and reduce stress in your baby with special sounds
★ Help your baby to sleep peacefully
★ Sleepify will help parents to sleep better
★ Sleepify helps your baby to develop healthy sleep patterns with its hand-picked soothing sounds


★ 8 calming categories (Home Stuff, Vehicles, Outdoor, Nature, Animals, Mom, White Noise, Lullaby)
★ 40+ soothing sounds
★ High-quality loops for continuous play
★ Favorite sounds for quick access
★ Recently Played for quick access
★ Easy to use, simple design
★ Plays in the background so you can use other apps simultaneously
★ Unlimited play duration. Helps baby peacefully sleep for longer
★ Battery Saver Night Mode